OUR Teaching

In 2014, we started teaching initiation, basic and fundamentals of kizomba at VA Studios in downtown Montreal. We then started our Kizomba Sem Limite Bootcamp. Participants learnt the basics and fundamentals of Kizomba in an 8 hour week-end bootcamp. These activities developed rapidly and we were invited as instructors in several events and congresses.

In an effort to better our events, our teaching and our dance, we started our journey of learning and training with some of the best instructors in the world. To add to the workshops and private courses we already had with international artists, we participated and continue to participate in training with dance masters such as Mestre Petchu, Eddy Vents as well as Afrolatin Connection.

We specialize in basics and fundamentals of kizomba as well as tarraxinha.

our mission

KIZOMBA SEM LIMITE is a non profit organisation. All profits generated by our activities are reinvested directly ...

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our teaching

In 2014, we started teaching introduction, initiation and basics of kizomba at VA Studios in downtown Montreal ...

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Our bootcamp

In 2015 began our Kizomba Sem Limite Bootcamp series. 8 hours of training during one week-end designed ...

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Kizomba Sem Limite can also help you organize an event, help you prepare with a wedding choreography...

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